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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Experience Lagos 2009, How It All Went

The Experience 2009 Has come and Gone, Comments and Testimony keeps coming in from those who were opportune to be at the Concert, For all Those who could not make it to the Event here's a quick Highlight post on how the Event went.

The Event was Scheduled to start at Exactly 7:00 Pm on the 4th of December 2009, But Several Hours before the Start of the Concert Thousands of People were already seated, I was able to get to the venue at few minutes to 3:00 pm with the mind that i would easily get a Seat at the forefront but was shocked to see the huge crowd already Seated under the Sun so as to get a more clearer view of the Event.

Several Artist came out on stage and thrilled the waiting Crowd while testing the Instruments before the start of the event. Here are few pictures of Don Moen and Donnie Mc Cluckin trilling the waiting crowd while testing the instruments

Thousands of People Kept trooping into the Venue in so much that the main TBS ground was filled up before the main start of the Concert and Some people had to resort to the TBS Cricket pitch where a Large Screen Monitor was mounted for them from where they were able to watch the Event as it happens.

At Last The Long Awaited Event Finally kicked off at about 07 :30 pm with The whole Crowd Cheering as the Program Comperes took hold of the Mic, Soon The Praise and Worship started with the in-house choir of the House on the Rock, the Chosen Treasure with Lionel Peterson opening the stage for other performers and praise singers.

After The Opening Praise and worship by The Chosen Treasures and Lionel Peterson, The Wellu Wellu Master, Sammy Okposu came to lift the expectations of the Worshipers high with some of His Hit songs including Wellu Wellu see pictures of Sammy Okposu at the Experience 2009 here. After Him came one of Nigeria's Finest female gospel singers Lara George.

Lara George lifted up praises with the song Hallelujah and then moved into there's nobody like you LORD, before delivering her spirit lifting Ijoba Orun hit track which really propelled the worshipers into an atmosphere of worship as some of the worshipers sang the song with tears in their eyes and she was greatly applauded at the end of her performance. see pictures of Lara George at the Experience 2009 here

After Lara George's performance, it was a time for all to laugh a little as Nigeria's number 1 gospel comedian Gordons came out to give some of his funny jokes after that it was the time for the first winner of the West African Idol Timi Dakolo to thrill the worshipers with his vocal talent and he didn't disappoint the cheerful crowd as they applauded him well after his performance.

Timi Dakolo started with His Song Let it Shine which was coined from the popular song that kids love singing, "this little light of mine, am gonna let it shine ..." after that he went into single some of the very popular gospel songs like Ta lo Da bi re, Oluwa, Ibu Chukwu onye dinma, O yigi yigi oh oh oh, A labari Eda ah and he finally ended of with When i remember what the LORD has done, which i guess was inspired by the great deliverance GOD granted to him when he suffered from a gun shot wound in the head at an encounter with dare-devil armed robbers. Although most of the songs Timi sang wasn't his originally composed songs but many weren't disappointed by his performance. see pictures of Timi Dakolo at the Experience 2009 here

The Gorgeously Dressed Jamaican, Chevelle Franklin was next to perform after Timi Dakolo, she and her backup singers came out in their usual African outfit dress made with the Jamaican flag color. The worshipers welcomed her with high expectations remembering how she performed energetically at the Experience 2008 and she didn't disappoint as she went from one song to the other while Worshiping and praising GOD.

Chevelle started with " You are the pillar that holds my life, Glory glory LORD you are the mighty GOD, You are the mighty GOD the great I am Hallelujah, Do something new in my life, All Around (2ce), Everywhere I look he is all around, You are GOD I know, Unchangeable, unstoppable, We are not afraid (3ce) in my Jesus I am safe, Double double everything na double double, I have a father who will never fail me, Lift Him up Higher, Bu lieya elu, I have a very big GOD oh and Jehovah you are the most high. see pictures of Chevelle Franklin at the Experience 2009 here

After Chevelle Franklin's performance it was time to make some prayers and after the prayers at about 09:30 pm the aging classic gospel artist Evangelist Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi took over the stage with some of his traditional gospel music backed up with some Gan gan drumming.

The Evangelist happily praised GOD for close to 30 minutes with songs like Jesu mi olore oh, Come and worship Him, He is great, Ko le gbemi oh, Pata pata, E gbe gah, Ose un oh Jesu, Thank You Jesus. it was indeed a thrilling time for me as it was my first time seeing him perform live. see pictures of Evangelist Ebenezer Obey at the Experience 2009 here

Mike Aremu one of Nigeria's best saxophonist was next to take over the stage after Evangelist Ebenezer Obe's performance at about 10:00 pm and he did wonders with the saxophone while rendering to GOD such praises like Oluwa mi ose oh, Higher higher higher - higher Jesus higher, He is a mighty GOD, Ose eyiye - we don win oh, modupe, Arugbo ojo, Ka bi esi oh, Ose oh, Ogbulu won elu higher higher. see pictures of Mike Aremu at the Experience 2009 here After the Saxophonist came another Nigerian female singer Nikki Laoye who took over the stage at 10:30 pm.

Nikki Laoye performed very energetically with her dance group as they did some choreography session, She trilled the worshipers with her rap skills as she rolled out this songs, Enyi ni Oba, Pate wo ni afi yemo ti o gba more, Baba baba baba baba baba mi loke and lastly her break through song I’ve never felt this way before. see pictures of Nikki Laoye at the Experience 2009 here

At About 11:00 pm The multi-instrumentalist, producer, vocalist and multiple award winning artist Fred Hammond came on stage and lead the worshipers in an explosive session of worship to GOD with lovely songs like - You are you are, You are lord of the Harvest, We worship you, Raise up, Send the praise up, He’s here (A New Single from His Latest Album) Love unstoppable, You are worthy I love you, You are holy, Worthy is the Lamb, How great is our GOD, Bread of life, This is the day that the Lord has made, We are blessed, Glory to glory to GOD, I will dance like David danced. see pictures of Fred Hammond at the Experience 2009 here

The Rooftop Mcs (Adeyoola Adekunle 'Soulsnatcha' and Olaitan Hughes 'Sokleva') came on to perform after Fred Hammond and did not let down the tempo for all but did a good performance that left the crowd cheering as they performed their songs - Emi Emi Laye mi, Lagi mo, (Ori Min wu o E lagi mo).

After the Rooftop Mcs's performance the Convener Pastor Paul Adefarasin came out to make some speech and also called out 2 among the performers to sing the Nations National Anthem, Lara George and Phil Driscoil were those called to sing the National Anthem a verse apiece. And they did Justice to it as they sang it with great passion with the whole worshipers standing and singing along with them.

After that the Governor of Lagos state Babatunde Isaac Fashola whose middle name was changed from Raji to Isaac was called on stage to make a speech to all which he did after giving His speech it was time to make some intercessory prayer for the nation. Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor of Word of Life Bible Church lead the Intercessory Prayers.

At about 50 minutes past 12 midnight an unexpected performer came on stage to the surprise of Many and it was Ron Kenoly, Majority of the worshipers had believed he would not be able to make it to the Concert but to GOD be the Glory He was able to make it. He performed graciously with the worshipers so delighted praising GOD for Him as He was celebrating his birthday the next day after the Experience concert. He sang – Righteousness peace joy in the Holy Ghost, This is the year of Jubilee, Victory, He’s turned my mourning into dancing and then dazed the worshipers as he sang - I just want to say Baba oh e se and You are the pillar that holds my life so fluently without errors or going off key , and then ended with - Hallowed be thy name. see pictures of Ron Kenoly at the Experience 2009 here

Next was Phil Driscoil a Contemporary Christian Singer, Composer, Multi award winner and a World class Trumpet player who showed his much Love for the LORD by singing so passionately while praising the HIGH AND LOFTY ONE THAT INHABITS ETERNITY. He sang and also blew the Trumpet at some point he was joined by Tom Brooks and Pastor Paul Adefarasin. He Sang – Lord you have been so good to me, Lord you are so beautiful, Majesty, You are great – you do miracles so great- there is no one else like you – for there is no one else like you, Holy holy holy, He’s alive again – the stone been rolled away – he’s no longer where he laid – I can hear the angels say let the whole world rejoice He’s alive. I must confess i Had My Greatest moment at the Experience 2009 Listening, Watching while Praising GOD when Phil Driscoil was Performing, He sang so passionately as if it was his last time and that he was gonna drop dead after singing. see pictures of Phil Driscoil at the Experience 2009 here

After Him Apostle Ricardo Watson and Pastor Sam Adeyemi Came on stage for another round of Prayer for the Nation and the African Continent in general.

At about 3:00 pm Don Moen One of the Greatest and inspiring gospel singer of our time came out and did what he knows how to do best, the multiple award winner perform for close to an hour before retiring, he sang the songs – Give thanks, Thank you Lord, Arise take your place, We lift You up, Lord I offer my life to you, I just wanna be where You are, Be magnified oh Lord, I will sing, I will Praise, I will be still and know you are GOD, GOD will make a way, Still I believe there is more, I worship you, there is none like you, GOD is good. See pictures of Don Moen at the Experience 2009 here

The Experience 2009 was indeed an Experience none should have missed as nothing was left out in making it a great experience for all, with so many performers and Praises made it was time to listen to GOD's word for some few minutes with Bishop Tudor Bismark from Kenya dishing out the Message to all from the Scriptures of Truth. He took His text from Genesis 15 verse 1- 5, and made this Comments i will never forget – Name Your stars, Reach for your Stars and Achieve your Stars, he also drew some insights from Acts chapter 3, about Man at the Beautiful Gate.

His Ministration was really edifying and enriching. After the Message He Sang You are Alpha and Omega, before a Salvation Prayer was made for all who wants to Give their Life to JESUS CHRIST. which really is the essence of the Gathering for All to Come to the SAVIOR who says Come unto ME all ye that are Labored and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. after the Salvation Prayer, followed a Prayer for Healings made by Bishop Mike Okonkwo of TREM

Next to Perform were Bebe and Cece Winans The American gospel music Brother and Sister duo and multiple award Winners who trilled the worshipers with songs like – Celebrate good Life, Addicted Love, Love takes me higher, Heaven is where I want to be, I wanna be the one, I just wanna be close to you, They Sang a new Song gotten this month Titled, If GOD be for us – who can be against us – He whom he predestinates – them He also called – He whom he called – them He also Justified - He whom he Justified - them He also Glorified - So what do we say of all these things (then Chorus) - If GOD be for us – who can be against us (Calls Donnie Mc Cluckin to Join Him in Song). and then ended with I take you there. See pictures of Bebe and Cece Winans at the Experience 2009 here

With Hours already spent Worshiping and Praising GOD, the worshipers were still eager and yearning for more and their strength were renewed to sing as Donnie Mc Cluckin took over the stage and took all through the heart of worship.

Donnie Mc Cluckin trilled all with these songs – These are the Days - Behold he comes riding on the Clouds, I call you Holy,- Righteous,- Awesome,- Faithful,- Healer,- Savior,- All that. How great is Our GOD, Holy holy holy, Thank you Jesus thank You, I have made up my mind, Born Born Born Again, Jesus name so sweet - Emmanuel’s name so sweet,

Donnie Mc Cluckin made an Important and encouraging Remark about Nigeria that in America they might be said to have so many things there but that They got nothing in America Like these Experience, and then he wind up his performance with I will sing Holy holy. See pictures of Donnie Mc Cluckin at the Experience 2009 here

After Donnie's Performance MC Abbey and Yaw were called on stage to make all laugh out some stress, sorrow and tiredness, the crowd cheered while listening to them. they were joined on stage by Kirk Franklin whom MC Abbey took a Joke on that He though being short is a shade taller than Kirk Franklin which left all laughing.

At Last it was time for Kirk Franklin to Perform, He was hindered from performing last year as a result of the heavy downpour witnessed last year at the Experience 2008 and so he was giving the rest of the time to perform and he came out energetically and performed tirelessly for more than an hour. Before singing he requested to be taught some Nigerian dance steps and got some volunteers from the worshipers but wasn't pleased with their dance pattern as some displayed a mixture of American dance step instead of the local dance steps until MC Abbey came and gave him the Dance steps he wished for to the amazement of all.

Kirk Franklin sang - Our GOD is an awesome GOD, You don’t have to worry, Imagine Me, Gone gone its gone all gone, Hosanna forever we worship you, Heart of Worship, Hallelujah, I sing because am happy, That’s the reason why I sing, Holy is he Lamb, I am here, I’ve been looking for you, Make me wanna dance, and Finally Revolution.

After Kirk's Performance all the Artists were called up to the stage to congratulate Ron Kenoly whose Birthday was just a day away. and they all came and sang the popular Happy Birthday song for Ron Kenooly after which he too got the mic and sang again the native Nigeria song (I just want to say BABA oh E Se) After that they all made comments about their Experiences at the Experience 2009 and promised to be back in 2010.

After that was done the Final Benediction was made and Seven (7) Hallelujah was made and used to call the event to an end while those who Gave their Life to CHRIST JESUS were called to be encouraged and counseled. Also all were invited to an Audition for Black Entertainment Television (BET) USA at the EKO Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos on Sunday december 6 2009 where the Winner will be offered a recording Contract and flown to the US and appear on the Sunday show hosted by Kirk Franklin.

At Last the Whole Experience at the Experience 2009 that lasted for 11 hours came to an end at exactly 06:30 AM on Saturday with the Worshipers, The Convener and the Performers and all including the JESUS Boys of whom among them were the Lagos Area boys, All were Richly Blessed and All Rose to Finally Pray The Grace before Finally Departing.

For Me it was indeed a Great Experience and i can't but Thank GOD ALMIGHTY for making it possible for us all and also thank the Convener and Organizers and all who Worked to make it a Great Success.


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