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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Experience Lagos 2010, How It All Went...

Where You There at The Experience 2010 to have an Experience of a lifetime? If You did then you can share your experiences with us on this blog but if you were not so opportune to be at the Experience 2010 for one reason or the other, you ..............

but don't worry too much cause you can get a feel of it on here, but really it was better Experienced than explained or described here cause its feels like Heaven on Earth.

Here is a detailed report on how the Experience 2010 went,

I was at Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS) the usual venue for the Experience musical concert at about 1:50 pm at the day of the Event and was so surprised to see a huge crowd of people who were already seated under the sun in order to have a clearer view of the event. here are some photos i took as at that time

With Time more people kept trooping into the venue, i was opportune to witness some of the guest artists making sound check although some artist already did theirs before my arrival but at about 03:30 pm Don Moen came on stage for His sound check and got the waiting crowd excited as many cheered why he performs. here are few photos of Don Moen's Sound Check.

At about 05:15 pm The ground Floor was getting filled up with people already seated at the galleries see photos

At 05:30 pm Micah Stampley came on stage to conduct a sound check, rendering one of His hit songs Feels like Heaven while testing the systems. see photos.

At around 05:35 pm the place was getting filled with thousands of people already seated under the sun and at the gallery see photos.

A pic of Me @ dat Time

At 06:03 pm Papa Sam came on stage to run His Sound Check and thrill the waiting crowd with some of his songs. see photos

Photos at 06:10 pm

Photos at 06:42 pm

The Experience 2010 finally started at 07:00 pm Nigerian Time with an Opening Prayer, then at about 07:10 pm The Chosen Treasure Choir came on stage to lead the worshipers on a Praise journey to the heart of Worship rendering this Songs. We Lift our Hands to the Sanctuary, King of Kings, He's a wonder and So Good, so good He's been so Good. see Photos

At 07:25 pm
Some of the Artists to Perform were introduced by one of the Program Anchors and at 07:30 pm Lionel Peterson was introduced to the stage to perform and he actually landed the worshipers into The Heart of Worship with wonderful songs like I will worship the LORD - When Trouble Blows Jehovah Sees..., and Kabi O Osi O - You are GOD of the Heaven and Earth, which took the worship deep into the Heart of Worship. See Photos

At 07:40 pm
Yaw The Popular wazobia Radio Personality came on stage to introduce The Wellu Wellu Master, Sammy Okposu to the Stage for his performance. and the Wellu Wellu Master got everyone waving their White Handkerchiefs in the air while praising GOD with songs like Get something in Your Hand, Na The thing wey you dey give us oh, You been faithful Lord - You are Lord that Worthy, He went on to sing the Nigerian National Anthem Arise oh Compatriot and on to Jesus I thank You Wellu Wellu, E bami gbe Jesu mi ga, Ole Igwe, Agidi gba oh, Higher Higher and ended with Na only you i know. See Photos

At 08:05 pm
It was Time to Make some Intercessory prayers for the Nation Nigeria and 2 Pastors were called to Lead the Intercessory prayer for Power and infrastructural development in the Nation. Those called are Barrister Emeka Nwagba and Bishop Jo Musa, An Islamic Christian convert since the 1970's who has been a major force in the Hand of GOD in reaching out to our People in the North. See Photos

At About 08:15 pm
Mike Aremu Nigeria's number one saxophonist was introduced to the stage to trill the worshipers with his GOD Giving gift and he didn't disappoint as he came out so energetic and did wonders with the saxophone while praising GOD with various songs like Awa na re Akpo ju be lo, Original, po ya chineke din ma, I Have a Father who can never never fail me, Oh LORD i am very very Grateful, This kind GOD oh, Emi ma reke, O seun Ma jo oba lo OLUWA, Tu gba raya mma mma, O mumi Gbagbe oh, Barabo JESU lo lere, Agidigba oh, O se Ose oh, Mo Gbe Hosanna, Ko si eni tio le da ju lo and OLUWA jo wa gbe mi so ke, See Photos.

At 08:37 pm
After Mike Aremu's Performance it was another period of Intercession with Pastor Anselm Madubuko and Pastor Amos Kunat coming up to pray for Church Unity and breakage of denominational Barriers among Churches in Nigeria. See Photos.

At 08:50 pm
Panan Pasey Paul was introduced to the stage and oh my, i have heard about Him and watched Him several Times on TV but never knew he was this Good. He Performed wonderfully rendering this songs If not for Your Mercy, We lift You High, We Overcame the devil by the blood of the Lamb, Everybody testifies You are Good, We must Praise Him in the African way, Aye Hehe, I love you oh oh, Come lets praise the LORD - He is Jehovah and We worship Your Name. See Photos.

At 09:15 pm
Pastor Paul Adefarasin The Experience Convener Came on stage to recognize some important Personalities at the event including the Executive Governor of Lagos State Babatunde Isaac Fashola who came up to the stage to make a speech. In His words he said it is My Second Experience of the Experience, He also said that the Experience is a logistic Phenomenon and while concluding wished all that they will Experience many more Experience. He was not the only important dignitary at the Experience 2010, Many other Dignitaries include, The First Lady of Lagos State, Mrs Abimbola Fashola, Former first Lady of Lagos State Mrs Oluremi Tinubu and many others. See Photos,

At 09:30 pm
Micah Stampley Got on the stage and rendered wonderful songs that leaves one feeling like being in Heaven on Earth, He sang few but very inspirational songs like Prepare Ye the way of the LORD, Feels like Heaven on Earth and lastly Take my Heart and hold it. See Photos

At 09:57 pm
Bishop Don Francis from the UK came on stage to speak on The Power of Agreement and Taking a Scriptural verse from the book of Matthew ch 18 vs 19 - 20, See Photos

At 10:15 pm
The Amazing Jamaican Singer Chevelle Franklin took over the stage and without fail gave the worshipers what they expected from Her, starting Her performance with the National Anthem of Nigeria which She sang in her own remixed way, then Behold He Comes, There's nobody like Him, Then She called a Nigerian Girl by name Onos Bikawei to sing Put your hands together, then ose e, Igwe, You are a Good Shepherd, Be Thou Glorified and lastly Thank Him. See Photos

At 10:46 pm
Pastor Taiwo Odukoya was called to the stage to make a prayer for miracles in families and marriages while Pastor Philips Omogboye was asked to make a prayer for healing for Everyone. See Photos.

At 11:05 pm
Fred Hammond took over the stage with his great vocals and took the worshipers through an over 40 minutes of unadulterated praises with inspiring songs like He's an Awesome GOD, Dance Like David danced, He Lives, I Love You - (Lord My heart is yours), Holy Holy, Worthy is the Lamb, How great is Our GOD, My GOD will do what He says He will do, Bread of Life, This is the day that the LORD has made, We are blessed in the city and finally Glory to glory to glory to GOD. See Photos.

At 11:53 pm
Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor was called to the stage to make a general prayer for Nigeria which lasted for some minutes with many pouring out their heart in prayer to GOD for Nigeria, see Photos

At 12:30 am
Pastor Paul Adefarasin came to the stage and later called out Phil Driscoil, Micah Stampley and Onos Bikawei to sing the Nigerian Anthem

At 12:38 am,
An Unprecedented Guest was introduced which got everyone so excited but the sad part of it was that the guest was not directly at the event, Behold it was the President of Nigeria Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, according to Pastor Paul Adefarasin the president was so excited about the event and wanted to be at the event but due to some security reasons He was asked not to attend the event so as not to pose a security threat to the event and for subsequent ones. But Everyone got excited when the President passed a Message to the Worshipers through a Multimedia system. See Photos.

At 00:43 am
Phil Driscoil the Best Trumpeter in the world who has played for several American Presidents and won several international Awards was next to perform, I was so pleased watching Him play again after a wonderful performance he gave at the Experience 2009 and this time He took it a little more further with Great songs like Amazing Grace, Majesty, King of All Kings, Nigeria it will never be the same (A song he composed for Nigeria), LORD you been so good to Me, For Thou oh LORD art High and lastly I Exalt Thee. See Photos of His Performance.

At 01:15 am
Bishop Mike Okonkwo of Trem and Pastor Collins Akinmogboye were called to lead another Intercessory prayer section for the Nation, For Peace in the Niger Delta and prayer for the persecuted Christian Brethren in the North. See Photos.

At 01:30 am
Judy Jacobs took over the stage to trill the Worshipers with some minutes of High level Praises and dances, it was my first time seeing her perform really but i haven't seen a woman of her age performing and dancing with so much strength as she did. See Took all through this songs You are Jehovah, GOD says he will turn me around, Rain down the Rain, Here I am to worship, Spirit of the Living GOD fall afresh on me and Lastly Behold He Comes See Photos.

At 02:10 am
Pastor Sam Adeyemi and Young Pastor Damilola Oluwatoyibo were called up to the stage to make another round of intercessory prayers for all See Photos.

At 02:23 am
Ron Kenoly was called up to the stage to Revive strength with his songs among the worshipers who have been standing and praising GOD for several Hours with some already getting weak and His presence on the stage got Everyone shouting and revived as many who were already sitting down stood up to join Him in an half hour praise as He lead them through songs like Hallowed Be Your Name, He's Alive (Hallelujah), Ancient of Days, Jesus is a Winner Man, Born Born Born Again, You are the pillar that holds My Life, I just want to say Baba oh E se, Jehovah You are the Most High then finally He Called up Israel Houghton to join Him on stage to sing You are Alpha and Omega. See Photos.

After Ron Kenoly's performance, it was time for some laughs from the Experience Comedians Gordons and Mc Abbey. they said few funny jokes just to ease some stress and weakness from the Worshipers before going into the last round of Praises from the Few Artists left to perform.

At 03:16 am
Don Moen the Multi talented Gospel Artist was next to get on the stage and get the praises high to the Heavens and He did nothing short of that as his presence on the stage made everyone excited with those who were already sleeping before then getting up to join in those moments of Praise. Don Moen started with songs like Our Father (Hear Our Pray), Holy is the LORD, I am the LORD that healeth thee, Thank You LORD, LORD I offer my Life to You, I just want to be where You are, Arise, I will sing, He never sleeps, I will be still, GOD will make a way and ended with GOD is good. See Photos below.

After Don Moen's Performance it was time to hear some Wonderful Words of Life from the Bible and the Oracle of GOD for the early hours of the day was Bishop Tudor Bismark whose message was taken from the book of Acts ch 16 vs 25 and 26, about the story of Paul and Silas when they prayed and sang praises to GOD insomuch that the power of GOD came down and there was an earthquake and all the doors were opened to them. And the Gospel according to Luke ch 15, about the Three (3) Parables of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST which represents
  1. Restoration of Government
  2. Restoration of Finances
  3. Restoration of
See Photo below.

After Bishop Tudor Bismark's ministration it was then time for the Real Experience, as Rev Victor Adeyemi came to minister a salvation message to all and to lead many to the Cross to have an indelible Experience with JESUS CHRIST and to accept Him as their LORD and Saviour many responded to this call and gave their lives to CHRIST and also filled the New Convert forms. This was really the most important part of the Experience cause there is no other Experience better than this as this is an Experience that can change ones life and rightly secure ones life here on earth and in Eternity.

Pastor Paul Adefarasin joined Rev Victor on stage to share His life's experience of how he gave his life to CHRIST by answering the call of GOD and how that has so changed him. After all Prayers were made for all who were willing to be save.

At Few Minutes to 05:00 am
Mary Mary the Duo Gospel Singers of Excellence took over the stage to break every shackles of weaknesses from off the Worshipers and they did just that with lovely songs like In the Morning, I wanna go, Heaven, Something big done happen to me, I can't give up now, Yesterday I decided, Amazing Grace, It's the GOD in Me and Finally Break the Shackles off My Feat(Just wanna Praise You). See Photos.

After Mary Mary's performance Pastor Emmanuel Udoafia was called on stage to make another round of Prayers for few minutes.

At Few minutes past 05:00 am
Israel Houghton was next to perform after giving a piece with Ron Kenoly while singing You are Alpha and Omega, he came on stage and offered a full dose of assorted Praises with songs like We love You JESUS, Here I am to worship, You are Good, All Around, Trading My Sorrows, Rejoice in the LORD, I will praise You for ever, I have decided to follow JESUS, You make all things new, I am not afraid and Finally HE knows my name. See Photos.

After Israel Houghton's Performance Yaw and MC Abbey came on stage for a final round of jokes before the last performer of the Event comes on stage.

At Few Minutes to 06:00 am
Papa Sam After waiting long while other Artists performed finally took over the stage and rendered wonderful songs which i was not able to pen down at that time, and some people were already finding their way home but he did made use of the rest of the Time and trilled all that were still around and awake.

The Experience 2010 Finally came to an end.

It was indeed an Experience that will live on in the hearts of everyone who witnessed it.

Thanks for Reading this far,
I await your comments and you can share your Experiences with all on this Blog.

Thanks and GOD Bless.
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